Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Loving the Library {Part 2}

Last week I wrote about how much I'm loving my local library {I'm seriously trying to figure out if I can still use it while I'm in China}. Awhile ago, my dad commented that, "it's so cool that all of those books you read are free." That got me thinking about how much I've actually saved by using the library this year. So, in true nerd fashion, I made a spread sheet:

The grand total?


That's almost $400. How thankful am I that I have been able to save $400 in 4 months, simply by going to the library? Keep in mind, also, that this does not include all of the books I checked out from them last winter when I first started going. Also keep in mind that other books, like The Help and the last two books of the Hunger Games series I borrowed or got for free. The verdict? You can read without having to spend much money.

How much have YOU saved by going to the library?

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  1. This is crazy to see it all written out like that! I've got to use my library more...