Thursday, March 01, 2012

What I Read: February

This has been a month of audiobooks {thank you road trip to Disney and many babysitting jobs}, but I still got some good old fashioned reading time in. I definitely didn't meet my goal of reading ten books this month, but I'm way ahead on my goal of 75 books for the year. Continuing from January, here's what I read this past month:

12. I'm Watching You; Karen Rose: This was my bookswap book, and I loved it! I forget how much I need a steamy, gripping novel every once in awhile. Well-written, and easy. I did figure out the ending about halfway through, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

13. People of the Book;  Geraldine Brooks {audiobook}: It's Jewish fiction. I'm a sucker for Jewish fiction. Also, it's about books, and I cannot resist novels about books. Good, quick, great audiobook.

14. Pathfinder; Orson Scott Card: I pretty much love Orson Scott Card {the Ender Series, the biblical heroine series, Enchanted....all my favorites}, and he did a good job with this YA novel. A bit long, great characters and enough Sci-Fi/Fantasy to keep me interested.

15. Mine 'Til Midnight; Lisa Kleypas {audiobook}: Fun little romance/smut novel. I will say, the erotic portions of this novel are exquisitely written and the plot is good. You can tell this was written by AND for a woman. Also, I suggest perhaps not reading this on a long road trip {do as I say, not as I do!}. Yes, it makes the drive much more interesting, but then, you're stuck in the car for EIGHT MORE HOURS and you're all hot and bothered. Or, maybe that was just me. Sigh.

16. The Postmistress; Sarah Blake {audiobook}: Um, it was OK.  Kind of like the WWII version of Our Town.  People live, they die, life goes on. That's pretty much it.

17. The Calculus Diaries; Jennifer Ouellette: Well, I enjoyed it. I was kind of expecting a bit more on the math side than on the history side, but it was interesting and informative. Also, it's easy to read for someone who isn't a math nerd like I am.

18. The American Assassin; Vince Flynn {audiobook}: A nice little spy thriller. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series, but not in an "OMG I have to go buy them all NOW" kind of way.

I'm hoping that I'll have a bit more time for leisurely reading next month!

What did you read in February?


  1. Hey Lauren!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I'm now following your blog. Looking forward to the blog swap. :)

  2. I love these posts! And am jealous of all the reading you do!