Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Road Trip Revelations

Now that I've gone on TWO road trips by myself {you can just call me an expert, now}, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I thought of when I was driving. You know, those things that would have been on twitter if I would have had a smart phone/Siri.

1. Texas is sub-par regarding rest areas. In Florida, they're clean with nighttime security. In Texas, some are broken and have porta-potties outside.

2. Texas drivers are really awful. North Carolina drivers are bad too, but Texas drivers? Bad. Just bad.

3. I wish there would be some warning before the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana. I mean, before the 20 second tunnel in Mobile, you get like 10 miles of warning. The 20 mile basin {no food, gas or bathrooms}? No warning. Glad I didn't need gas.

4.  I hate toll roads, but the Florida Turnpike? I will GLADLY pay money to drive on that thing. Beautiful, no traffic, decent drivers. Yes, please.

5. The pro-life Florida people must have a LOT of disposable income. They have signs every few miles {most with bad information}, and I counted about 20 on the turnpike {I was on the turnpike for maybe an hour?}. I had to turn off my political brain for self-preservation.

6. This country is SO beautiful. Even in places where you don't expect it, it's gorgeous. Driving through is a wonderful way to see it all.

7. There needs to be some healthy, road-trip friendly "fast food" out there. I can only eat so much McDonald's before my stomach rebels {I NEVER eat McDonald's except when road-tripping}. Also, I found a big blood clump in my McBites and didn't want to eat anything else from there. Blech.

8. A chain coffee refill system would be awesome. I needed a new mugfull every 100 miles or so.

9. Sometimes, I wanted to throw my GPS out the window. It's like, CHILL. I'm just stopping for coffee/Dr. Pepper/to pee/for gas. It's going to be ok.

10. The sign for the Sewanee River in Florida has the musical notes on the sign. How fun is that?!

Source: google.com via Lauren on Pinterest

What have you learned from road trips?

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  1. I totally agree with you on the Texas drivers and rest stops. The ones in Missouri when we drove through were AWFUL too! Arkansas' were lovely.
    Driving through Texas at night, we had semi trucks driving 100 miles an hour who started drifting into our lane. I don't know if they were falling asleep or what, but it scared the living daylights out of me! Then on the way home we had a car full of teenagers throw a full cup of soda directly at our windshield and then speed off laughing hysterically. Thankfully it didn't bust the windshield or cause me to veer into another lane - it could have been a disaster. I will NEVER drive through Texas again.
    Blood clots in the mcbites- definitely been there with the mcnuggets, and it's absolutely revolting!