Monday, February 13, 2012

All The Single Ladies

You want to know a secret? I've never been in a relationship on Valentine's Day. Not once.

Sometimes it's a bummer, especially when large companies try to make single people feel as though they are wrong. That they should be attached. That if they aren't getting flowers and romantic extravaganzas that they're missing out {and thus, should find someone to spend money!}. It's doubly hard when everyone around you is married/attached, and though you love them {and are indescribably happy for them} you wonder if it will be your turn.

So, I'm here to tell you what I know about being single:

1. I {and you} can {and do!) have a fulfilling, wonderful experience even if I never meet "the one." {side note: I don't believe in THE ONE, which is not the same as not believing in soul mates, true love, or commitment. I believe in those things}.

2. My life is more than a summary of who I have or have not married.

3. I have been able to take advantage of SO MANY opportunities because I only had to take MY SITUATION into account. Selfish? Perhaps, but it's true. I mean, how many of you married people can just decide to apply for a job in China without more than a budget review?

4. You don't have to be romantically involved to be loved and love others.

5. Just because it's the right time for everyone else to get married doesn't mean it's the right time for you, or that it ever will be. And I mean that in a good way. I could get married....maybe. It would take the right person under the right circumstances. But I'm not one of those people who MUST be married by {insert age}. If it happens, it does. And if not, see above.

6. If I'm not married by 40, I'm throwing myself a birthday party. Or going on a "honeymoon" with myself. Or both. Why should people getting married have the all presents/fun?

7. Speaking of traveling, I love doing that alone. It's nice to travel with others, yes, but its so fun to do what you want on a whim. You must try it.

8. You are special. You are loved. You are worthwhile, and beautiful. You have talent. You offer something wonderful to humanity just by your presence. You don't need a partner to validate those things.

So, tomorrow? Revel in the beauty of your life, right now. Of what you have, of what you're working to get. Know you're wonderful and beautiful. And make sure your friends know, too!


  1. Love this :) Single girls unite!
    I was totally gonna buy myself flowers for Valentine's day.. and still would if I had time in between today and tomorrow.
    Our value definitely doesn't depend on if we have a significant other or not :)

  2. #6 reminds me of sex and the city when Carrie registered for shoes and said she was getting married to herself! Love this post. So true.

  3. Good for you! I'm not doing a Valentine's post tomorrow, because I feel like they'll be everywhere...

    Had a great time with you yesterday!

  4. I love traveling alone, too!! I think it's important to always remain true to YOU and never lose your self, in a relationship or not!!! Have a great day tomorrow surrounded by those who love YOU! :) XOXO

  5. love this!
    and i totally agree.
    i love blake and have no doubt that he is my other-half, but we still operate with a lot of 'single mentality' idealism.
    [does that make sense?]

    i have no desire to get married. and as much as i love having him around & waking up to him each morning, he doesnt define me as a female. i love him. but i could still fix my bike & the toilet if he and i never crashed into each other.
    well, i might need help with the toilet..

    great post, lauren.