Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Post: Adventures on the Ice

Good morning, y'all! I'm away on my own adventure at the moment {I may, or may not, be visiting some old friends have two big ears and answer to 'Mouse'}, so I asked Diana from dianapantz to come share one of her {awesome-sounding!} adventures with you! Here she is:

hey everybody!
dianapantz here.
i thought i would stop in while lauren was on vacation [totally jealous!] and share a fun little post.

i live in minneapolis, minnesota.
minnesota, huh?
youre thinking 'pretty cold there, right?'

well, yes. yes it is. this year its been unseasonably warm, but the people here are pretty use to 'ice box' temperatures.
a couple weeks ago, i wrote this post about how to dress when its -30*

so, now you are thinking
'what in the world do minnesotans do in the winter?!?'
well, thats what i wanted to share with you.

a few weeks ago, there was a free art exhibition called the 'art shanty project.'
from the website ;
Art Shanty Projects is a four-week exhibition that is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state's lakes in winter. It is an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which the relatively unregulated public space of the frozen lake can be used as a new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be.

we had *such* an awesome time. so creative. really fun.
there were a bunch of 'ice houses' that were transformed into something totally awesome.
and there is something so 'midwest' about hundreds of folks in long underwear spending an afternoon on a frozen lake! ;)

below are a few of my favorite photos!

 in the 'mustache house' you were able to create your own 'stache and view hundreds of different [paper] mustaches

the 'mirror house!' the top, bottom & one side were mirrors. the side that was facing the lake was set-up like a reflective illusion. [pictured below] so cool, right?!

 the robot house!! a couple guys made this. it made noise and moved. and hello! it was a robot!

 one of the ice houses was turned into a dance house. there was a dj, a disco ball and TONS of dancing.

this [tiny!] house could hold about 10 people & was FULL of vintage that you could buy. looks super tiny, right? [it was a tight squeeze]

ice bikes!!! since blake and i bike commute, this was so silly. they had turned a bike into a giant walleye. they also had bikes with skis and ice skates in place of the front wheel!

this bucket? full of hot pink earmuffs. put them on and they are really SPEAKERS! tons of music coming through. when you walk by, you just saw tons of people with fuzzy pink headphones on, dancing like there was no tomorrow!!

thanks for reading, everybody!
what are your favorite winter activities?

Wow! That pretty much makes me want to move up north {um, kind of}. Or at least visit. Anybody else have fun adventures lately?

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