Sunday, February 05, 2012

February Goals

I'm a smidge late in posting my goals for February because I wanted to share with you some news first. It completely changes my game plan {sort of} and makes a huge difference in my priorities.

1. Lose 10 lbs: Losing 5 was relatively easy so I'd really like to challenge myself this month. However, I'm not going to be super upset if I don't get there as long as I'm eating well and being active. I'm a firm believer in dessert and letting your body tell you what it needs {as long as it's not dessert for every meal}. Sometimes, I need some chocolate {or, in a few weeks, Mickey Ears ice cream}!

2. Read 10 more books: I was pretty pleased with myself that I got through so many this month. I feel accomplished, and a nice side effect is I have more to distract me than Facebook and Twitter.

3. Clean out the garage: Definitely a priority now! We're going to try and sell some things on Craig's List and/or have a garage sale because I'm not taking everything with me to my new job. Many apartments are furnished, so there isn't much reason to keep taking up my parent's garage, especially since my furniture is of the Ikea variety. Easily replaceable.

4. Pay down student loans: My salary abroad will be great for the area {really great} but not so great for living in the States. So, I'm trying to make some early payments and stockpile some money to cover my financial obligations in case I can't make ends meet. I don't think that will be a problem, but since I'll be so far away from home I want to cover my bases. Also, I want to have fun over there, too!

5.  Get my visa paperwork in order: Visas are kind of a mess where I'm going, so I want to deal with this early. That way, if there's a problem I can a) fix it, or b) regroup. Worst-case-scenario, the offer has to be rescinded, and if that happens I don't want to be scrambling for a job at the very last minute. I want to know ASAP that that has happened.

6. Meet some bloggers in real life: I know I'll be meeting one for sure {yay!}, but I also want to try and make it to a blogger meet-up {will depend on an upcoming family vacation}. It will be nice to put names to faces.

What are your February goals?


  1. Great goals! And I can't wait to meet you next weekend!

  2. Great goals! And I can't wait to meet you next weekend!

  3. Great goals! And I can't wait to meet you next weekend!

  4. Wow, I absolutely love your blog design! How'd you get the flowers and things below each post?

    Anyway, new reader here! I love your goals. I made a few in January but it's a good idea to re-visit them like this &/or make new ones each month. It's a little more manageable to make/keep goals per month, rather than per year!