Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey and College Football: A Classic

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is NEXT Thursday. And do you know what that means?

Well, yes, it does mean turkey. And I'm trying out this brioche dinner roll recipe from my new Cooking Light Way to Bake book:

{Source for both: LB's Good Spoon}

But, really, if you live in the south, you know that Thursday is all about college football. And if you're a Texan, there is only one game that you must watch {no, not the Cowboys. Ew}: The Texas A&M vs. UT game. Seriously, it is sacred. Some people go to church. I watch Aggie football.

When I was in college I did some crazy things for this game. I camp out in front of the field for a week for good seats.

{Yes, our tents had Christmas lights. Also, we had a special tent for the Wii}

This, of course, was the year after the list-eater {you didn't hear about that? quick version: when you set up a tent you put your name on a list for a ticket window and roll call is taken every few hours and right before ticket pull. Home girl shows up at 5am on pull-day, and eats the list because she was upset that people weren't standing at the window yet. For more info, see this You Tube video}.

It might not be turkey, but it IS a whole lotta fun. Here's the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band stepping off the quad.

Friends WHOOPing.

And, of course, the cannon.

This year is the last year we play the t-sips {translation: Longhorns} for awhile because of A&M's switch to the SEC. It's sad that I won't be there, but I will be holding down the fort on my couch with a nice, cold, Shiner Cheer. Good thing we're gonna BTHO tu! Right?

What do you do for Thanksgiving?

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  1. WOW!

    Okay - first I love you already because you are from Texas! I am from Texas and I LOVE TEXAS. I'm from the Longview area to be more precise.

    Second - WHOOP! I'm not an Aggie but they are the Texas team that I root for! (I'm an Oklahoma State Cowboy fan!)

    PS: I have ATM Subway art in my shop ( and I have the framed 11 x 14 on sale this week for @20 {regularly $30}) I promise this isn't a self promotion thing - just really thought you might want to know! :)

    Third - The second post on your page is the Texas Renaissance Festival which I have attended several times and LOVE.

    So - Thanks for commenting on my Inspiration Workshop post! I already love your blog and am definitely following!! :)

  2. I used to do something very similar at UCLA, but on our campus we camp out for good seats at our basketball games. Same tent situation with lights, playstations/televisions, and very cold but fun memories. Nice to know that there are slightly crazed, but completely awesome, college sports fans out there : )