Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Review: The Mistress Contract

I was excited for this book. Really excited. I love reading about the arrangements people have. I love reading about people who make sexual decisions that are right for them, even if they do not follow the mainstream. I enjoy reading those stories, even if I could never see myself being in those types of relationships.


So, you can imagine how disappointed I was that I was disappointed. Seriously.  Not that this was an awful memoir. It takes place between a man and a woman who have entered a certain arrangement. He pays for somewhere for her to live comfortably, and she gives him sex, whenever he wants, unless she has made previous plans. "He and she" (the listed authors) recorded many of their conversations, and those transcripts were made into this memoir.

The conversations are interesting. They address some serious issues about power, gender, and sex and do so from the perspective of two people who had a front row seat to the changes that have taken place over of the last few decades. They discuss their own arrangement, their feelings, their challenges, their past lives {they both have children, for example} and how all of that has led to where they are.

It just didn't...speak to me, for some reason. I can't explain it. Even I admit that this is a memoir that I should love, but don't. Chalk it up to being human, to changing my mind, to maybe being tired the day I read it. I don't know. I would recommend that you read it. But don't pay full-price. Just in case you're like me.

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