Saturday, July 09, 2011

Creatures (Day 8)

I'm used to creatures. This is my sixth summer working at a camp, so I'm well acquainted with animals like copperheads, black widows, nutria {(water rats)}, wasps, turtles, coral snakes, opossums, raccoons, and the occassional stray dog.

But these guys? Uh uh.  Our facilities manager brought in this dude and deposited it on my program director's desk. As you can see, he is NOT a happy crab.

We found this guy one morning {(actually, the morning we went sailing at sunrise)} at the boat dock. We thought it was perhaps a hermit crab, but do those legs look like a hermit crab to you? We didn't think so!

And then, my lovely sail staff brought me a present in a bucket.

Hello, Mr. Jellysfish/cabbagehead. Nice to meet you. I'd prefer if you stayed in that bucket, thanks, and stopped stinging my campers and staff. Have I mentioned that I am kind of scared of jellyfish? I am in awe of my sailing director who {(with her bare hands!)} flipped this thing over so I could see what the bottom looked like. Ick.

Any interesting creatures at your house?

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