Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Where the magic happens

People tell me all the time, "I can't cook, my kitchen isn't big enough/I don't have the right things." I dunno how I led y'all to think that I have a big kitchen. In my dreams! I have to wash a lot of dishes while I cook, and shuffle things around, and generally be neater than I naturally am to get anything done.  This is basically all of my counter space:

See?  I try and maximize the space I have by using things like the spice rack that doesn't take up much room, and by storing my kitchen appliances {(blender, chopper, etc.)} when they're not in use. You can see my Kitchen Aid on top of my fridge, for example.

Aside from doing the dishes while I chop, saute, bake, and mix, I also try and make many one pot meals, or bake things that don't have too much assembly or require too many bowls. When I make cupcakes, for example, I just wash out the mixer bowl and use it for both the batter and the frosting. I also use my slow-cooker a lot {(um, in case you haven't noticed that already)}, use my dining room table as extra space when I need it, and try very very hard to only keep the things I use on a regular basis. It's so easy to go to the Pyrex outlet or Sur La Table and want all of the fancy schmancy things they'll gladly sell to me.  Aside from books, cooking things are my weakness.

Bright colors also inspire me, and make m little kitchen feel far bigger than it really is. This is especially helpful since I have no window in there {(although, I can see the big picture window in my living room)}. Now you know why my food pictures look like they were taken under fluorescent lighting; it's because they were!

What does your workspace look like?

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