Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I don't really do Easter, per say. It has never been a religious holiday for me. When I was little we dyed eggs, hunted for them {(and the candy-filled plastic ones)} and had Easter baskets. My family would come over and we'd eat a big dinner {(usually pork loin because I generally think ham is yucky except in split pea soup or beans or something; I definitely thought it was really yucky as a kid)}, but there was never church or anything.  Besides, as I got older and more religious, there was Passover to think of!

Given this weird history of mine, you'll probably not be surprised to know that my favorite part of Easter is the candy. Yes, I buy Easter candy NOT on sale {(which is NOT what I do for Valentine's day)} because I worry that my Red Starburst Jelly Beans won't be there the day after Easter!

Knowing my love for all things candy, my mom has been supplying me with Dark Chocolate bunnies. Yum. I haven't eaten any yet because I'm trying to be "good."  According to her, I'm taking much better care of my bunnies than my sister. Hers, I am told, run away, or end up without heads or feet or ears. Not nice, Jamie ;-).

All kidding aside, have a Happy Easter if you celebrate, and a restful Sunday if you don't!

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