Sunday, February 13, 2011

Superbowl Grub Take II: Irish Carbomb Cupcakes

Ever taken an Irish Carbomb shot (chug)? They're good, and not just because I like Guinness (I like Bailey's too!).  Add in some chocolate, and oh man, you have a cupcake that will wow people. No joke, I took them to campus on Monday and got tons of compliments.

As a side note, if you're a fan of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network, one of my favorite battles included a very similar sounding Chocolate Stout and Irish Cream Liqueur Cupcake.  So, really, how can you go wrong?!

I copied this recipe exactly from The Nerd's Wife. Didn't change a thing. She has an excellent step-by-step guide over there, so I'll just let you feast your eyes on the final product.  Try and suppress the urge to make these immediately.

Forgive the bluriness. I was already eating another


  1. These sound great! I will have to try these one day soon!

  2. @ Jessica: Just make sure you have some people to give them to; if not, you WILL eat them all (I may or may not know that from experience).

  3. I'm going to use St. Patrick's Day as my excuse to make these.