Monday, February 28, 2011

Money-Saving Monday: Waiting for the right deals

You know how I said that sometimes you just have to wait for the right deals to come along? How sometimes you get some awesome deals in your e-mail and you have to pass? I've been passing a lot, lately, but finally had the cash to use some offers!  Yes!

As part of The Saved Quarter Challenge, I'm going to highlight the best deal I've responded to so far, and talk about where I am in my goals (but not too much! don't want to spoil the recap next week!).
About a week ago, MyPoints (still don't know how to use my own personal affiliate link for this. Anyone else know?) was offering 500 points if you bought a minimum of $5 eGiftCard from Starbucks. We all know about my coffee addiction, and love for fun coffee shops, so this seems a little silly. I'm trying to stay away from these places, right? Well, I am. However, I'll be traveling soon, and for some reason I always want coffee in airports, and since I can't bring my own through security, I'll be making at least a few pit stops. It made sense to put money on a Starbucks card (which I'll get rewards for using anyways) and get the extra 500 points. I will gladly take any deal that benefits me in so many ways!

As a sort of mini-update, I've spent a smidge more money than usual due to the impending travel and some other random things (like, dues for an honor society I was recently accepted into! huzzah!), so my recap next week is really going to focus on keeping me on track and making plan for my remaining months in school and over the summer. Have a fantastic week everyone (and stay tuned for some super recipes I'm planning on posting this week!).


  1. What a great tip! Planning for expected expenses is the way to go!

  2. This is great! I recently used MyPoints to switch to satellite TV that was considerably less expensive and earned 5000 points!