Saturday, February 05, 2011

Midnight Crafting

Brrr. It was cold here this past week (yes, I'll post the obligatory snow-in-Texas pictures next week). Yes, I realize that the rest of the country is buried under mountains of snow/is way colder than here. But, I'm a wuss. I'm from Texas. I like my 70 degree January days.

I realize that if it had been cold all along that I wouldn't have an issue. When I did my internship in D.C., it really wasn't a big deal. Heavy coat, tights, gloves, hat, scarf. Check, check, check.

Presidential inauguration in 20 degree weather? Whatever. Snowing in the morning when I walked to the Metro? Meh.

But here? It was 70 Tuesday morning before the front moved in.

I've actually been meaning to make these for awhile; the recent weather situation put a fire under my butt (I kind of wish there was a fire under my butt...I would have been warmer!), and at about midnight on Tuesday night, I made these:

Easiest. craft. ever. Make two mini pillows. Fill with rice (warning: I used Jasmine rice and my hand warmers were a tad sticky the first few times I used them until all the Jasmine oil cooked away). Sew shut with a whip stitch. Heat in the microwave for two minutes-ish. Stick in pockets. Yes, I was glad I had those.  Bonus: they make fantastic gifts and seem really impressive to people who don't sew/craft. Double bonus: really cheap and way better for the environment than those chemical packs you can buy at the grocery store.

Now, today is gorgeous!  Blue skies. 60 degrees. Light breeze. I love me a Texas winter.

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  1. This even sounds easy enough for someone with my limited sewing skills. What were the approximate dimensions of your pillows?