Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Life in France: A Book Review

As promised, I'm finally getting around to writing a book review for you.  I recently found myself in Half-Priced Books looking The Town That Food Saved, by Ben Hewitt.  Alas, they did not have that book, and I did what I usually do: look through the store and spend more money than I have.  ::sigh::

Among other things, I found My Life in France, by Julia Child in the food section (see below). I've had no particular interest in reading/watching Julie & Julia, but a memoir by Julia Child herself? Yes, please!

Book Cover Credit

Child tells her story of living in France {and later Germany, D.C., and Norway} with her new husband, Paul, and her adventures learning to cook, exploring Paris & Marseilles, and writing several cookbooks.  Although she recounts all of these things in a sweet, humble, way, her most vivid descriptions are her food.  After reading a chapter of this memoir {which I could not put down and finished in 4 days} I always felt the need to run to HEB, buy a pork loin and make an amazing sauce.  The process, the flavors, and the friendships she describes make for an easy, but fulfilling read. If you're looking for a gentle book that you simply cannot put down, this is your next read.

Bon Appetite!

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