Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Start?

I've been pretty active in reading various blogs as of late.  Given my browsing, I've noticed that my favorites (which you can see over on the left side) such as budget bytes, yellow songbird, and The Saved Quarter tend to be pretty focused.

Budget bytes, for example, is a great "cooking on a budget" blog. Lisa provides step-by-step recipes for readers along with price breakdowns and general tips for eating well on a budget.

Yellow Songbird (where I just won a giveaway!  Score!) talks about homemade crafts, her faith, and her blog communities.  Sometimes Kim gives tutorials, sometimes she showcases her etsy shop, and sometimes she showcases other blogs.  Yet, despite the variation, she has created her own style and carved her own niche in the blogosphere.

The Saved Quarter, on the other hand, I find fascinating because she details her adventures in saving 1/4 of her income and the creative ways she accomplishes that.  Pennywise is pretty close to her $6000 goal (yeah, she, her husband and two kids live off of $24000 a the Bay Area) and I've been with her for a good portion of the journey.

So, I say, it's time for something new.  I've done a lot of thinking and decided to blog not about the random things that happen to me (well, as much), but about my cooking, my books, and sometimes, my reactions to other bloggers.  Are you with me?

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  1. I have been inspired by your inspiration :) Though in a less "society contributing" way. While you share your intellectual thoughts, I have decided to drink tea and tell the future. I blame both you and Harry Potter.