Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Chronicle, fall edition

I ran into a rather cranky commenter the other day. There was a blog post (that you can read here) about an illegal immigrant who was (presumably) paid for work for 9 years and then let go because it was discovered that she was not legal. So, now, she's suing her former employer, a candidate for the California Gubernatorial election (for what, exactly I don't know, I have not read the actual story).

Now agree or disagree with this blogger (having not read the real story, I don't even know where to begin figuring out my opinion), you have to admit that what she is writing is pretty provocative. This is where Darwin Awards comes in.

Darwin Awards wrote:

Conservatives are raised to believe they can do anything in the land of opportunity. Democrats are raised to believe they're being screwed.

Now, there are a few things wrong with this statement (besides the fact that I obviously disagree with it): 1) You can have a conservative Democrat and a liberal Republican. Conservative and liberal are not terms owned by, or synonymous with any one party, and frankly, the terms liberal and conservative have become so distorted from their original meanings that half the world doesn't know what they mean anyways and, 2) The commenter provides zero proof to back up his claim. He does not say "as evidenced by" or "according to." He just makes this overgeneralized statement that indicates to me that he doesn't really have any back-up.

So, I wrote:

What an overgeneralization that has no ounce in fact. I'd bet you anything that you haven't done an ounce of research to support this theory of yours, Darwin. On the off chance you have, I would love to read what you've found.

And DarwinAwards wrote:

Do me a favor. Stay away from me. If I wanted to argue with a socially afflicted person with a massive activist induced Liberal inferiority complex, I would chose someone other than a simple minded regurgitating puppet. Go ahead, spew your oppressed people puke you so easily believe. Just leave me out of your excuses for failed culture. I've had enough of retarded oppression logic, and come November, it'll go back under a rock where it belongs.

Wow. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, no? And this, ladies and gentlemen is my problem with politics as it is now. We hear far too much from the extremists on both sides that like to shout a lot and not provide much information. And so, you end up with DarwinAwards who not only can't back up his statements (I mean, it's an opinion, so it shouldn't be THAT hard), and doesn't like people who argue with him, but who also feels the need to seriously insult anyone who dares to question his (her?) logic.

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