Monday, October 04, 2010

And also a book!

It is the week for giveaways, no? Pennysaver over at The Saved Quarter is giving away a book to help people sell their crap. You should enter. You should also check out all of the things she has to say about saving money and living off of around $27,000 in San Francisco with 2 kids and a husband. I particularly love her scratch vs. store bought series. She is a woman after my own heart (BTW, made some more bread today. Yum!). You can find the giveaway here.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that the giveaway from yesterday is at Mile Hi Mama's blog. I don't have much in common with her, but she seems like a sweet lady, and I love reading about how she uses her resources to handle 8 children. It gives me many ideas for camp! Her blog can be found here.

Have a fantabulous night people!

P.S. My good thing for the entire week: tu isn't ranked for the 1st time in TEN years! Can I get a WHOOP?!

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