Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love when sex research is published in newspapers...

As many of you know, my secret vice is posting to the comments section on the website. Most commenters are ignorant, without any basis for what they believe (on BOTH sides, I might add) and downright funny. So, you can imagine the hooplah created when one of my favorite blogs posted a story about a study that found that teenage sex does not automatically lead to a lowered GPA, particularly when sexual activity takes place within a committed relationship.

The link can be found here.

As expected most commenters decried the state of our world. I mean, really, this *must* be the first generation to have sex before marriage. Right? Right?! Most didn't understand that studies highlight trends and sometimes explain them and thus thought that the researchers were advocating for ALL teens to have sex so that they could improve their GPA.

Another contingent demanded to know how much of their taxes went to this "worthless" study which was surely done by "liberals" who just want everyone to "feel good."

While these comments were sad and hilarious at all the same time, I found those who understood the whole concept of research to be the best:

"Wow, the whining in here can be heard blocks away! There seem to be a lot of people in here short on logic and long on religion. This blog is reporting a study that neither condones, nor encourages pre-marital sex in teenagers. It's simply showing what common sense would tell most people....that grades are necessarily affected by sex in all cases. I mean, what a shock. I'm simply amazed to this day that these kids can tie their shoes, bathe themselves or even talk on the phone after sex. Heck, it simply keeps the brain from ever working again....right?" -Danbo

And my personal favorite:

"I, also, am terrified that somewhere out there there are people that are having sex and living their lives as they please. I am glad I found a group of people who share my idiocy that we may gather together in my bomb shelter and await the inevitable HIV-splosion that will destroy America." -Paulb

These people make me happy.

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